Steve Dredge


Adventure, believing anything is possible and a love of the outdoors has been the catalyst for some of the great moments in Steve’s life and the mantra that kept him going through his toughest of times.

Steve was diagnosed with PTSD in 2017, the result of several traumatic incidents accrued during his 30 year military and Police career.

Steve was lucky, he asked for help and received support, counselling and mentorship from mental health professionals, family and friends.

After using running and adventure sports as a way of helping him manage his PTSD and an off the wall suggestion from co founder Simon, that they both row across the Atlantic Ocean! TeamStatusCode14 was born.

Steve’s goal now is that TeamStatusCode14 raises as much money as possible for the charities and to develop it into a platform for those with PTSD or Cancer to plan, take part in and complete their own challenges.


This is the start of our journey but we recognise the importance of having a wider team involved in our forthcoming challenges. Weʼre offering your business or organisation the chance to become corporate sponsors of the Status Code 14 challenges.