The 5 events including the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge offers potential sponsors, brands and ambassadors the opportunity to raise the profile and brand perception of their company on a national and international scale.

Sponsoring our team’s challenges gives companies and brands the opportunity to align with a project that not only represents the core values of their business, but also associated global exposure.

“Advertising exposure to a potential audience of more than 3 billion people worldwide.”
Atlantic Campaigns 2019-20
Race Report
Kit Branding

Have your company branding on our clothing and kit.

Boat Branding

Have your company logo on our Rowing Boat and Paragliders.

Website Branding

As a sponsor your logo and a link to your website will be added to our website.

Social Media

Our social media presence is growing and by sponsoring us, we will help you reach a new audience through our channels.

Sponsorship Packages

To raise both the funds to take on the 5 challenges and the money to donate our chosen charity, we have produced a number of corporate sponsorship packages.

The packages are detailed in a downloadable PDF, and we hope that you are sufficiently excited and passionate about the 5 challenges and the reasons why we are undertaking them as we are.

We look forward to you joining us on our adventure.

Email us for the Sponsors Pack