Statuscode14 is an endurance challenge team consisting of serving and retired police officers, taking on a series of 5 extreme challenges across the globe, over 4 years. All to support mental health in blue light services and mens cancer charities.

We will be completing a channel swim, rowing the Atlantic, an ultra marathon and a Hike and Fly from Mont Blanc.

But why?

Have you ever had to make an emergency call for help? If you have, you will have been assisted by one of the many calm and courageous police officers, paramedics, fire officers and staff who dedicate their lives to keeping others safe.

Statuscode14 is a UK National Emergency Services radio request call used when the sender requires an urgent callback. But what about the staff behind those emergency calls? They are routinely exposed to distressing and traumatic incidents, alongside demanding workload pressures. Stress and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) is now well recognised within the military community, but the Police, Ambulance and Fire Services are increasingly falling further behind. Who is there to help them?

Team Statuscode14 want to enable those who ‘press the button’ to get the help they need both with stress in the short and long term. Funds raised from our challenges will go to our first chosen charity who support the cause, and direct to individuals who may not be able to access the support they need through what’s offered by the emergency services.

Talking about opening up, this leads us on to our second charity, The Chestnut Appeal. When it comes to men’s cancer, most men don’t know what’s normal and what’s abnormal – and are afraid to ask.

This has got to change. Prostate, penile and testicular cancer can be checked and successfully treated – but checking needs to become a habit and talking about it and educating men is paramount. Team Statuscode14 want to raise awareness of men’s cancer and that a regular check could potentially save a life.

If you would like to sponsor or get involved, please continue to read on and contact us using the details below.

Our Challenges

The Charities

By supporting these two charities, we can reduce unnecessary deaths amongst men caused by treatable cancers and support our Emergency Services colleagues and their families to overcome PTSD, anxiety and depression.
Chestnut Appeal

Raising awareness of Men’s Cancer throughout the South-West.


Inspiring the fight against stress in our armed forces, veterans, blue light services and their families.

The Team

Simon Lemon
Steve Dredge

Support our journey

We are looking to partner with those with a similar ethos, such as adventure, endurance, friendship and teamwork. These partnerships will allow us to provide support for our colleagues who need our help.

Support us to support them.


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