Ultra Run Team

Steve Dredge

At 10:30 Hrs on Sunday the 27th of June this year, team member Steve set out from Inverness Castle on the East Coast to Run the 120k (73 mile) Trans Scotland Great Glean Way trail to the finish stone in Fort William on the West coast.

He arrived at Fort William, touching the Finish Stone, at 12:32 Hrs on Tuesday the 28th June!!!, completing the run in just over 24 hrs – and only having Two hours of sleep. 

What makes it more amazing is that Steve had only trained for half of that distance, as the run was originally planned to be undertaken by two team members, however due to the impact of Covid restrictions on one of the team they had to withdraw at the last minute.

In the emergency services we have a saying ‘No plan survives first contact’ and it was very true in this case. However, we are a team that is committed to finishing what we start, nailing our colours to the mast and fulfilling our promises.

With some incredible support from our team Physio Tony Peach, and team mate Brads Trauma Medic skills they managed to keep Steve fed, watered and on his feet to the finish line in what we think is an incredible time.

This was to be our ‘Launch event’, our ‘statement of intent’ and metaphoric ‘Line in the Sand’ – showing our support and commitment to our two aligned charities and our sponsors. We think we have fulfilled that brief and then some.

Thank you to all of our sponsors for partnering with us, and your ongoing support with our next challenges.

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Status Code 14 is an endurance challenge team consisting of serving and retired police officers, taking on a series of 5 extreme challenges across the globe, over 5 years.

All to support mental health in the UK Police force.