Education, sport, adventure, and the protection of others have been the driving forces throughout Simon’s life. Whether it was summiting big peaks in the Alps and Rockies or competing in the 09 – 10 Clipper Round The World Yacht Race, it was in these challenging environments that he felt the most fulfilled. These driving forces and his love of extreme challenges became the nucleus for his concept for Team Status Code 14.

Like most of those serving in the Emergency Services, Simon has been exposed to multiple traumatic incidents during his career as a Police Officer, sustaining both mental and physical trauma, including being stabbed on duty.

Although seemingly unaffected by this, he has seen first-hand the profound effect these incidents have had on his friends and colleagues. On a number of occasions, he has been on the end of the telephone feeling utterly helpless with friends literally on the precipice of despair suffering from PTSD.

That same feeling of helplessness, however, also caused him to seek medical advice after he noticed a lump on one of his testicles, whilst showering after a training session. Like most men, he ‘buried his head in the sand,’ ignored it, and did nothing about it. This built into fear and anxiety. Prompted by his wife, he eventually visited his GP and it was quickly established that there was no need for concern. But why leave it to luck why take a chance, why feel helpless?

Through Statuscode14, Simon wants to raise awareness of PTSD within the ‘Bluelight’ Emergency Services, raise awareness of treatable Men’s Cancers and most importantly raise money for the 2 charities working to treat PTSD (Rock2Recovery) and Men’s Cancers (The Chestnut Appeal).

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We are looking to partner with those with a similar ethos, such as adventure, endurance, friendship and teamwork. These partnerships will allow us to provide support for our colleagues who need our help.

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