Olivia is a highly driven individual who has been a dedicated member of the police service for the past 8 years.

Having been thrown into rural mountain life in the French Pyrenees at a young age, Olivia had a somewhat unusual upbringing that shaped her desire to push herself to achieve the unexpected. Learning a new language, grasping a new culture, and having to forge a new identity very much became a foundation block for future endeavours.

Prior to joining the police, Olivia completed a law degree before throwing caution to the wind and indulging her equestrian passion, spending a few years working with horses full-time as a rider, groom and instructor.

During her time as a police officer in the UK she has undertaken many different roles, including dog handler, and is passionate about raising awareness of mental health struggles within the police force. She is a firm believer in the well researched benefits of exercise and the outdoors on mental health. With this in mind, in her previous police force, Olivia worked hard to implement station gyms with brand new equipment in all of the police stations across the county.

In her current force, Olivia is currently working on implementing a project that combines trauma risk management with hikes across Dartmoor, in a bid to help those officers struggling with their mental health.

Outside of the working environment, Olivia has completed many well known physical challenges, such as the national 3 Peaks Challenge, which she carried out solo, including the driving! Pushing boundaries and discovering what she can achieve is what motivates her to continue to complete challenges and help others to do the same.

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