Dean has always enjoyed, and sometimes endured a challenge. Both physical – through open water swimming, partaking in an extreme triathlon and arduous military training, and mental – through education and personal development.  

Caring for the critically ill and injured as a military medic and nurse gave him insight and experience of the long-term effects of dealing with traumatic incidents. The effects of PTSD are often primarily associated with military service, but the effect on our emergency services of dealing with traumatic events whilst protecting our communities is often overlooked. By actively supporting Status Code 14, Dean hopes to raise awareness and funds for this important cause.  

His family, friends and colleagues have been affected by men’s cancers, and over the last couple of years Dean has participated in and supported open water swimming events for The Chestnut Appeal. Dean is partaking in the London to Paris triathlon relay, not just because Simon told him to, but to raise awareness and funds for PTSD within the emergency services, and for treatable men’s cancers.

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