My name is Dan, im a 53 year old Father, Proud Grandfather and Son.

Im currently a serving Detective Inspector in Devon and Cornwall Police.

I was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in Jan 2017, after finally listening to my wife and going to my GP, as I would get up for a couple of wees in the night, but with no other symptoms.

A PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) test indicated a very high reading, and I was then referred to a Urologist in Bristol, where I was told that without treatment I would die within 2 years, as it had spread to my bladder, bowl and urethra.

I then embarked on treatment that included 2 years of hormone manipulation, a radical prostatectomy and 7 weeks of radiotherapy, being brilliantly supported by my local NHS Cancer Team.

From here I was then asked to attend a local support group, and this evolved into mentoring and support for other men diagnosed with prostate cancer.

From my own perspective, the hardest part of all of this has been watching the effect this has had on my wife and family, although I have had days where I have felt sorry for myself and/or worried, however being able to talk about my feelings has helped massively.

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