As an ex RN medic and radiographer, Ash has seen first hand the effects of PTSD on both the injured and the medical personnel who work tirelessly on casualties. With both the military and the NHS pivotal in his family life, in the service of others is an ethos he shares with Status Code 14.  

Noting this unwritten message and its more explicit mission, it was an easy decision for Ash to support SC14 in its endeavours. A strong team player, it was the fact that this was going to be conducted with a group of his friends sold this crazy concept to him.

Combining a new found love of open water swimming, and a life long thirst for sport and challenge, taking on this Uber triathlon was something that he was excited to undertake. 

A father of two boys, and with a supportive wife, Ash is excited to take on this challenge to support the recovery of others.

Support our journey

We are looking to partner with those with a similar ethos, such as adventure, endurance, friendship and teamwork. These partnerships will allow us to provide support for our colleagues who need our help.

Support us to support them.